NEW OPERTUNITES! Are available to Bowhunters in Polk County.
You can buy extra
Urban Bow Tags for antlerless Deer and also by participating in the
qualify for extra Buck Tags.

#1. Purchase a special Antlerless Deer license.
#2. Attend a Bowhunter Safety Education Course.
#3. Pass an Archery Proficiency test using the Bow you will be Hunting with.
#4. Apply for a special Use Permit for the Public park or area you desire to
  hunt. To hunt on any Privately owned Land in the Deer Management zones
  within city limits; you must obtain landowner’s written permission.
  Bowhunting Guidelines:

#1. Only antlerless Deer may be taken (Unless you are issued a Special Buck tag.)
#2. All Bows must be cased while traveling to and from the stand.
#3. There will be NO driving or stalking of Deer.
#4. All shots will be taken from Elevated Stands. All Stands must be portable
  with no permanent stands or screw in steps used unless allowed.
#5. All stands must be located at proper distance from any residence, building
  or trail within that entity’s ordinance.
#6. Hunters should know their effective shooting RANGE and NOT shoot beyond
  that range. Recommended shots will be 25 Yards or less.
#7. Be sure to identify YOUR TARGET! As an Antlerless Deer. Focusing on adult
  does first, yearling does next and button bucks last. (Unless you have been
  granted a buck tag from a participating agency.)
#8 Contact a Local D.N.R. Officer within 12 hours if unable to find a wounded   deer.
#9 Use proper Field Dressing techniques. Make sure and talk to the Landowner or
 entity to find out there rules on where they want the animal field dressed.
#10. Be aware that individual Parks and Cities may have additional RULES and
 REGULATIONS for Bowhunting in there areas. It IS THE HUNTERS
 RESPONSIBILITY to Know the RULES for the area they are Hunting.  
For more Information
call Erv Wagner at (515)