In 1986 the Iowa State Archery Association established what's known as the Iowa State Archery Hall of Fame. The purpose of this organization is to honor those Archers, who because of their dedication to others in the sport of archery, by serving on the ISAA board of Governors, teaching the young and old or by setting an example of good sportsmanship for others to follow. This has earned them a place in the Iowa State Archery Hall of Fame. We honer these Archers because they are a big part in the growth of the " ISAA ".

Milt Clough

The Archers Are

Doreen Wilber 1988 J. Earl Johnson 1988

Fred Enders 1988

Dr. Arnold Haugen 1990 Stan Warner 1990

Milt Clough 1991 Iris Clough 1991

Carol Green 1993 Ed Rhode 1993

John Carlson 1996

Ed Marten 1998 Linda Marten 1998

Erv Wagner 2002

Bob Bridge 2003 Pat Bridge 2003

Marcia Jones 2007

John Shappell 2009

Ross "Spenser" Bretsch 2011

Ray Jones 2012 Ken Yeater 2012

Barb Sharp 2013 Ken Sharp 2013

Norm Swank 2013